Box Squats With Bands – Many of us really like box squats in that we feel they train the person to “sit back” when squatting, which often further recruits your all-important hamstrings.

See the exercises…

Ones hamstrings must be super-powerful if you want to run quickly or jump higher. We furthermore enjoy the fact that we can determine the depth of the squat without any error. This avoids cheating, especially when athletes start to fatigue and the squats tend to get higher and higher. Most people squat anywhere from 6” from the floor to 1” above parallel, based upon our goal. We likewise like the reality that box squatting creates “static overcome by dynamic strength”. This kind of strength is significant in many athletic activities.
Reverse Hyperextensions – The reverse hyperextension device was made well-known throughout this country by powerlifting guru Louie Simmons connected with Westside Barbell found in Columbus, Ohio. He has a patent for the original reverse hyper design. There’s one at nearly all health clubs and it’s one of the most typically utilized units found in most fitness centers. Why, you ask? Mainly because the thing gets results! We don’t know of any other types of machine that will work genuine hip extension in this kind of synchronized manner – reaching the hamstrings, glutes, and spinal erectors all during a single repetition. It also works as traction for the lower back all through the dropping of the weight. The bottom line is that if your goal is to run quick and jump high, then you really really should have one of them in your weight room and be utilising it.
Trap Bar Deadlifts, from a 4” box – Trap bars are typically diamond-shaped bars that allow you to complete deadlifts along with shrugs by located inside of the bar, compared to having the bar in front of you. This puts less strain on your lower back/spine. Many athletes feel considerably more at ease making use of these bars as opposed to straight bars while deadlifting. For this reason, we really feel that they’re an excellent tool for many players – old and young. We’ve gotten quite a few players who swore they might never deadlift again, to begin deadlifting due to the trap bar. One thing we really like to due is have our athletes trap bar deadlift while they are standing on a 4” box. Once more, simply by increasing the range, your hamstrings are further triggered. This tends to really boost ones jumping and running ability. A person can certainly use varying box heights, but we’ve observed 4 inches to be ideal for boosting your flexibility even while not producing a degradation within the athlete’s form.


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